first born in the autism spectrum then infertility

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Posted on: 15-Jan-2015 1:27pm
Dear Dr Braverman, I have an autistic child (a boy born in 2010). Despite several attempts, we failed to have another baby so far and have experienced 3 miscarriages. Is there a link between a first autistic child and a subsequent infertility?Thank You
Dr Braverman
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-1.  Posted on: 16-Jan-2015 12:26pm
RE: first born in the autism spectrum then infertility
Maternal immune alterations have been linked to autism. Particularly, pro-inflammatory cytokines are involved in neuroinflammatory diseases and may be a contributing factor in autism. But they also play a major role in miscarriages or pregnancy complications. Untreated inflammatory cytokines may be the common cause of autism and recurrent pregnancy losses. These inflammatory cytokines must be tightly monitor during pregnancy. When elevated, they must be lowered by adequate treatment to prevent miscarriages during the first trimester or pregnancy complications during the second and third trimester with potential adverse effects on fetal brain development leading to autism.
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