Autism and epileptic seizures

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Posted on: 17-Jun-2015 3:28am
My sister,now 24 years old, was hurt while my mother was giving a birth. She was later diagnosed with mental retardation and autism. She has been on neuroleptics with years. During the last year, especiall in her premenstrual period, she had several heavy epileptic seizures. After many consultancies with doctors she received new terapy, consisted of Depakine (neuroleptic) and Lamal (Lamictal). After starting that terapy, she had 2 big seizures in almost a month. She is also suffering in the last period from sleep disorder- maybe because she got really scareed from what happend and usual terapy for sleep disorders does not help. Due to the fact that the knowledge in the Balkan is pretty limited on this topic, I would be really grateful for anything helpful.
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